Northern Governor Gary Juffa

Health Minister tasked to address procurement issues

He was bluntly told by Northern Governor Gary Juffa that the health procurement system was being corruptly managed.

Governor Juffa used an example from his province, where a male nurse allegedly received K600,000 to build a transit warehouse for medical supplies but failed to deliver.

He said: “The Health issue is your corrupt procurement system, causing unnecessary stress. In 2013, the Health Department paid K600,000 to a male nurse operating a building company in Oro, to build a transit warehouse.

PM puts Aust on notice

In today’s Parliament sitting, Northern Governor Gary Juffa said the company, which was awarded a $423 million contract “under very strange circumstances”, and without the PNG Government’s input, is about to have its contract renewed.

“I’d like to know, what is the PNG Government’s position in relation to this particular matter? Are we just going to sit by and let foreign governments come and dictate what they and their companies will do in this country?

Juffa condemns Solwara 1 decision

He said now that the developer, Nautilus Minerals, is in danger of going bankrupt, the Government will be losing millions of taxpayers’ money.

The vocal Governor has described the Solwara 1 project as an ‘evil project’ initiated to destroy the marine environment.

He told this newsroom in a phone interview that the Government has invested a lot of money on the project and if things go wrong, who will be blamed for the decision made to allow the project?

Juffa questions Minister on SABLs

Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko revealed this when responding to Northern Governor Gary Juffa yesterday.

Following the inquiry into SABLs and recommendations to cancel them, Juffa asked what the Lands Minister’s Plans were to cancel them.

“Will the fraud investigators that you have engaged to investigate crimes within that department be also able to extend those services to cover the SABL and the massive crime perpetrated by the corrupt public servants and the illegal logging pirates that have operated in that department?” Juffa asked.

Trevor Magei is acting Oro PA

Northern Governor Gary Juffa, when making the announcement, said this follows the suspension of Sem Vegogo as Provincial Administrator on allegations of misconduct and maladministration.

He said Vegogo was suspended on the 22nd of June by the Oro Provincial Executive Council (PEC) after failing to respond to 18 counts of misconduct and maladministration allegations levelled against him by Oro Provincial Government.

Juffa questions agriculture minister

In Parliament yesterday, the Governor said a fundamental process called a ‘community hearing’ must be done before a certificate of compliance are issued for an FCA.

The community hearing is a process facilitated by the Department of Agriculture where landowners have their say on a proposed project.

Governor Juffa said he is carrying out his own investigation into the departments responsible for the awarding of FCAs.

PNGeans will not lose jobs: Duma

The Minster said this when questioned yesterday by Northern Governor Gary Juffa over the agreement between the State and the Philippines-based International Container Terminal Services Incorporated (ICTSI) company.

Governor Juffa said facts in his possession prove that the company has a track record of mistreating employees, pushing out local business and charging ridiculous tariffs.

Governor Juffa questioned the Minister why a company with a terrible track record was given a terminal operation contract.

Don’t politicise opening of Oro operating theatre: Malabag

The opening was scheduled for today but in an eleventh hour decision, was postponed to happen after the 2017 National Election.

Malabag in a media statement this morning said, "the formal opening off the Popondetta General Hospital Operating Theatre has been deferred until after the upcoming National Elections.

"This is a vital healthcare facility for the people of Oro and the nation, and must not be politicised.

"It is unfortunate that uninvited politicians attempted to hijack the event and create a security problem.

Juffa: Bangladesh syndicate operating in PNG

Northern Governor Gary Juffa said: “The Bangladesh syndicate is proliferating the entire nation, and the syndicate is working with blessing from (Labour) Department.”

The Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations Benjamin Poponawa said he is unaware of the allegation raised and will seek clarification from the department before he can comment.

But the Minister admitted corruption had become a norm in many government departments.   

Juffa threatens Health Department over building

“In 2015, I raised serious concerns regarding a substandard health facility building, dubiously contracted by the NDOH to a company of zero skill and zero experience in such projects. In fact he was a male nurse who had not been to work for five years but was being paid until we put a stop to it,” Juffa said.

He said the Government funding for the project was paid upfront but the building of the province’s Drug Storage Facility is of very low standard.

Juffa said this had affected the distribution of drugs to rural aid posts and hospitals in the province.