Polye will address court on standing in UBS case

An application on whether Opposition Leader Don Polye can ask the high court to hear his application, challenging the legality of the government’s decision to acquire the K3 billion UBS loan, will be heard next week.

A hearing date for the application on standing, or right, was set by the Supreme Court this morning for Oct 28.

Polye, as the applicant, was directed by the Court today to prepare, file and serve application books in accordance to the index book which was endorsed by the Supreme Court today.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia told parties to file extracts of their arguments by Monday, Oct 24, before the hearing takes place next Friday.

During that hearing, Polye will address the issue of standing on whether he has the right to bring an application filed under section 18 (1) of the Constitution before the Supreme Court.

If the court finds that he has standing, the matter can go for an actual hearing.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is the first respondent in the case. The State and the Australian branch of the Union Bank of Switzerland were also served copies of the application.

This case was re-filed by Polye’s lawyer after the Supreme Court, on April 28, dismissed the matter for want of prosecution.

Sally Pokiton