NGE 2022

Western Highlands Count Updates

Shown are the top five contenders’ results from the Western Highlands Regional Seat, Mul Baiyer Lumusa Open, Dei Open and Tambul Nebilyer Open electorates.


  1. Wai Rapa – URP – 44, 571
  2. Paias Wingti – PDM – 40, 957
  3. John Nonggorr  – Independent – 32, 057
  4. Opa Wak – Independent – 25, 519
  5. Tom Olga – Independent – 21, 587


U.S Deputy Chief Of Mission Concerned

In an interview with Deputy Chief of Mission to Port Moresby, Joe Zadrozny addressed the current situation and encouraged all to stand in solidarity where needed.

He was deeply saddened by the recent reports of election-related violence, stating that this has threatened the democracy, equality and the rule of law in Papua New Guinea.

Mr Zadrozny applauded the swift actions taken to contain the matters at hand by the Police, Correctional Service and the Defence Force by restoring peace and order gradually back into the affected areas.

PANGU ahead in Manus race


  1. Charlie Benjamin (Pangu) - 10075
  2. George Sikin (PNC) - 4651
  3. David Aussel (ULP)- 3221
  4. James Kiele (PNG Party) - 2253
  5. Kepo Pomat (IND) - 1897

Meanwhile Job Pomat continues a steady rise for Manus Open after count 38.

Kandrian Gloucester is now in progress of elimination.

  1. Freddie Reu Kumai - 3,609
  2. John Tuka - 3,191
  3. Blaise Dau - 3,089
  4. Joseph Tanalau - 2,393
  5. Bewman Bito Kaka Cruz - 2 145

RO for Kandrian-Gloucester, Peter Manasaplo gave a brief update on the eliminations to occur.

Value Of Democracy

Community stakeholders representing various capacities from Women’s Organizations, Faith Leaders, Business and Youth Group Leaders, Medical Field Professionals and Sports leaders held a conference at the Gate Way Hotel in support of Democratic Principles.

They expressed their thoughts on how in some regions people are experiencing peaceful elections whilst others with violence and damages of all scenarios from, ballot boxes to schools and homes being burned.

Talasea, Nakanai Open Updates

In the Talasea Open results, Freddy Kumai of Peoples Party takes the lead with 3618 votes while incumbent minister Francis Maneke of Pangu Party is in first place for Nakanai Open electorate’s top five with 8551 votes claiming a difference of 1286 votes more than Francis Marus, who holds onto the second place.

Talasea Open Electorate Progressive results: