U.S. Embassy

Legal officer leaves for US

The U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby announced that Principal Legal Officer, Francis Aigilo, departed Port Moresby yesterday for the United States.

In his current role with the JSTF, he has proven his capabilities to work with all stakeholders, especially during APEC, to forge a stronger private public partnership in the law and justice sector. Given his strong desire to uphold the rule of law and human rights, Aigilo wants to learn the mechanisms of private public partnership, to ensure law and order services reach the people in the rural areas.

Pacific women leaders selected under US program

Edith Namba, Papua New Guinea, and Florence Joel, Solomon Islands, will take part in the program on U.S. Justice System - Protecting Women and Children, taking place from March 24th –April 14th 2018.

Namba, a clinical unit supervisor for extension service in Mount Hagen Provincial Hospital in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, is a gender-based violence (GBV) specialist with a strong network of nongovernmental organisations.

Nominate now for the U.S. Women of Courage Award!

The Women of Courage Award honours women who are making history in their countries and communities through their work to better their societies, to fight discrimination or strife, and to help resolve conflicts.

“Eligible candidates are women working in the political, human rights, economic, social, judicial, health, educational, press/media, peace and national reconciliation, and scientific and technological arenas,” the embassy said in a statement.

US Marines who lowered embassy flag in 1961 back in Havana

Jim Tracy, Mike East and Larry C. Morris received a standing ovation at the seaside diplomatic mission as they handed a folded flag to three active Marines, who raised it to a brass band rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Secretary of State John Kerry lauded the men for their composure during a tense moment, in 1961, when they emerged from the building to find a large crowd between them and the flagpole.

Embassy warns Americans in France to be vigilant

The embassy released a statement Friday night urging Americans to report suspicious activities and stay away from any security incidents.

It also noted that French authorities have increased the terrorism alert level in recent months since attacks in January in Paris left 17 victims and three Islamic attackers dead, so there are more troops and police in the streets than in previous years.

And French prosecutors say the suspect who they believe attacked a U.S. gas plant in France is a local truck driver who was known to workers at the Air Products plant.

US delivers 2 missile ships to Egypt for security support

Monday's statement on the embassy website says the ships were delivered last week in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, doubling Egypt's current number of such vessels. The two previous vessels were also provided by the United States.

The embassy's senior defense official, Maj. Gen. Charles Hooper, says the delivery is a sign of America's ongoing commitment to Egypt and the two countries' shared security interests in the region.