Kandrian Gloucester is now in progress of elimination.

Quality checks for the three LLGs in Talasea Open have been completed. These intending candidates are now in the process of elimination. The aggregated total for the three LLGs for the top Five Candidates are as follows.

  1. Freddie Reu Kumai - 3,609
  2. John Tuka - 3,191
  3. Blaise Dau - 3,089
  4. Joseph Tanalau - 2,393
  5. Bewman Bito Kaka Cruz - 2 145

RO for Kandrian-Gloucester, Peter Manasaplo gave a brief update on the eliminations to occur.

“Elimination for Kandrian-Gloucester we are now in the 4th elimination and we’ll continue on to elimination five shortly. Hopefully we should have the elimination, if not completed today or most probably tomorrow (Sunday 24th July) and followed with the declaration.

The absolute majority recorded is 20, 137. We are going through elimination to determine who has the absolute majority then again declare the winner.”

More updates to follow.

Carol Kidu