Leadership changes in West New Britain

The event was overseen by NGI Assistant Commissioner of Police Perou N’Dranou. The aim was to ensure a smooth transition of leadership while acknowledging the outgoing leaders' accomplishments and welcoming the new ones.

During the ceremony, Chief Inspector Fred Kaiwa assumed the role of Senior Inspector Peter Senginawa as Kimbe Police Station Commander, while Superintendent Peter Barkie took over from John Iara.

Police Unit receive timely support

The presentation of the uniforms is part of the districts five-year development plan that will implement four key programs with one being ‘Support to Police Operations’.

Mr Bibilo in his address acknowledged the services delivered by the Police force especially the MS 19 and was happy to show the distict’s support in providing the much needed uniforms to help them continue the good work.

“Mi gat bikpla hamamas that wanpla MS Squad ken base long province na mi luk forward long continued support na wok wantaim long team MS Squad long hia na DDA Board,” said Mr Bibilo.

Japanese Ambassador Arrives In WNB

Ambassador Watanabe was welcomed by Talasea MP, Freddie Reu Kumai and the Acting Provincial Administrator, Leo Mapmani and other provincial dignitaries.

Upon his arrival, Ambassador Watanabe inspected the guard of honour prepared by the Police and CS officers.

He is in the province to open a four in one classroom at Ruango Junior High School tomorrow, 19th August, and is accompanied by First Secretary, Kenichi Tanimotohe and Assistant Project Coordinator (GDP) Delilah Karis.

Kandrian Gloucester is now in progress of elimination.

  1. Freddie Reu Kumai - 3,609
  2. John Tuka - 3,191
  3. Blaise Dau - 3,089
  4. Joseph Tanalau - 2,393
  5. Bewman Bito Kaka Cruz - 2 145

RO for Kandrian-Gloucester, Peter Manasaplo gave a brief update on the eliminations to occur.

Talasea, Nakanai Open Updates

In the Talasea Open results, Freddy Kumai of Peoples Party takes the lead with 3618 votes while incumbent minister Francis Maneke of Pangu Party is in first place for Nakanai Open electorate’s top five with 8551 votes claiming a difference of 1286 votes more than Francis Marus, who holds onto the second place.

Talasea Open Electorate Progressive results:

75 graduate in Financial Literacy

Seventy-five participants graduated from this training with certificates in recognition of being equipped with knowledge on budgeting and savings, as small business owners.

The workshop was funded and supported by AusAID and facilitated by trainers from wards within Talasea LLG and who had prior training with BPNG.

The participants businesses comprised of canteens, village trade stores and roadside table markets. Before the program, these individuals did not have the required tools on hand to perform better savings and budgeting for their businesses.