Moresby South

​Moresby South polling underway

By 6am today, polling teams camping at Kila Kila Secondary School headed out to their respective venues.

Loop PNG visited polling venues at Sabama and Downtown Port Moresby, noting a good turnout in both areas.

At Sabama, showers threatened to stop polling as there weren't proper tents to house polling booths as well as officials and security.

In downtown, polling began smoothly.

Incumbent Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko also cast his vote at the polling venue at the Port Moresby Police Station.

More updates to come....

Residents unhappy with deferral

Disgruntled residents said many of them took time off from work to vote today and said the last-minute announcement was the first-of-its-kind, criticising the Electoral Commission for the lack of planning.

Soon after the announcement by the Electoral Commission at around 9am, police officers arrived at several polling areas in the electorate to inform polling officials to pack up.

Polling was already underway at East Boroko and Manu when they were ordered to stop.

Tkatchenko appeals for strict monitoring during polls

When addressing the media today, Tkatchenko said the last thing we want is a failed election.

He said this following reports of ballot papers floating around, as published on social media.

“We need to get to the bottom of it immediately,” Tkatchenko said.

“We cannot allow candidates doing these illegal practices when we have a democratic system that is being run for the benefit of our people.

“People must vote freely without being cheated by these actions.

Polling venues for Moresby South

Moresby South has three Wards. 

Polling for the Moresby South Open Electorate is for one day only – Tuesday, June 27.

Here is a list of polling venues provided by the PNG Electoral Commission for Moresby South.


Polling Date


Moresby South candidate Anna Skate stages first campaign rally

The daughter of former Prime Minister the Late Sir William Skate said she decided to stage her first campaign rally where her late father grew up.

The Rabia settlement is made up of mostly settlers from the Baimuru area of Gulf Province.

Ms Skate is the only female candidate running against 40 male candidates including sitting member Justin Tkatchenko in the 2017 National Elections for Moresby South.

She said that she is not afraid to challenge the men in this election.

Nomination of candidates slow in capital

As of 4pm today, four candidates' nominations were accepted by the NCD's Election Manager and Returning Officer Terrence Hetinu,  who said nominations have been slow.

The first to nominate yesterday for North West was Micros Nea, an independent candidate at 4:47pm.

Today, former Chairman of Motu Koitabu Council Miria Ikupu nominated at 1:40pm. He will be running as an Independent candidate.

Tkatchenko, Parkop fed up with land issues

Minister for Sports, Special Events, & APEC, and Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko, said various court battles over land have caused headaches for him as well as for NCD Governor, Powes Parkop.

Tkatchenko made his comments following a recent court ruling, lifting a court injunction against the municipal government from using land on which the Koki market sits.

The injunction was made after a private developer claimed ownership of the land and took NCDC to court.

Storms will tour Gulf for tournament

After claiming the Moresby South title last Sunday, Warako Storms was officially invited by the PNG Rugby Football League to take part in the program that will see them playing against the POMRFL champions, Royals, in Kerema Town.

It was named as the Brown and Dr. Naipe affair as the two sides, Warako Storms and Royals, are headed by Moresby Souths Rugby president Brown Murema, and POM Rugby League president Dr. Michael Naipe, respectively.

​Kaugere Oval Gets a Facelift

Global Construction Company has begun construction on the new facilities with the practice ground and the carpark area which has a capacity to hold 80 cars already sealed and ready for the first coat.

Moresby South MP and Minister for Sports and National Events Justin Tkatchenko said this infrastructure is to fulfill his desire to bring sports in the community to the next level.

“The 80 car park will be fenced and on the other side will be the brand new oval which will be utilized for practice purposes.

Moresby South’s 400 girls involved in FIFA games

The countries under the care of the electorate will be Spain, Nigeria, Brazil, and France.

Minister for Sports, APEC, and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko, said shirts will be printed with the flags of each country and given to the girls to wear as chaperones for each country.

He said the teams will have about two to three days between matches and will have time to visit the city and so will be looked after by the girls.

Selected communities have been tasked with each country and they are: