National Capital District (NCD) counting

COUNTING: NCD Regional progressive result – after elimination 20

20 candidates have been eliminated. The 20th elimination was Independent candidate Jacoberth John.

The progressive tally now stands at:


COUNTING: NCD Regional progressive tally – after elimination 15

As of midday today, sitting Governor Powes Parkop remains in the lead with 39,568.

One of the two female candidates, Veronica Marme, has bowed out of the race after the eighth elimination.

Fellow female candidate (box 24) Margaret Loko remains with 979 votes.

Progressive tally:


Gamato urged to take charge of NCD counting

Supporters of incumbent NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, issued the call given the delay in making a declaration.

Speaking on behalf of Parkop, executive officer, Emmanuel Bobola, claims counting has been taken over by rogue scrutineers who are disrupting the process.

He said Gamato must now take control so that a declaration is made before the deadline for the return of writs on Friday (July 28).

Bobola said if a favourable response is not made, they will hold a peaceful sit-in protest at the Rita Flynn Indoor Sports Complex until a declaration is made.

COUNTING: NCD regional progressive result – after count 156

The count for the NCD regional seat now stands at 156.

Progressive results as of 4:30pm today are as follows; 

COUNTING: NCD Regional’s progressive result – after count 152

Progressive results as of 11am today are as follows;     

COUNTING: NCD’s progressive results – after count 133

Parkop leads with 14,547 votes, a margin of 8,531 votes to second-placed Andy Bawa.     

NCD Regional - after count 133

Rita Flynn counting yet to resume

Loop PNG was on location this morning to observe the movement of scrutineers, officials and security into the venue, which hosts the Moresby North-West and NCD regional counting.

The strip of road, once populated with small time businesses and betelnut sales, have all been cleared out by police forces.

This is due to incidents that have happened in recent times outside the Rita Flynn gates.

Police stationed on site say the place had to be cleared for the safety of the officials.

COUNTING: NCD’s progressive result – after count 124

Counting for NCD Regional resumes

Counting was delayed for 15 hours after count 91 due to issues raised by candidates regarding poor treatment of their scrutineers.

The issue was addressed last night and counting resumed at 11pm. 

NCD Regional counting suspended indefinitely

Scrutineers refused to enter the counting venue this morning after an incident at the end of the night shift.

The issue started at 8am when two scrutineers were forcefully removed from the counting venue by security personnel.

The next shift of counting officials was told to vacate the counting venue at 2:30pm until further notice. This happened after candidates refused to allow their scrutineers enter the venue due to the dispute.