Member for Bogia

NID project needs K40mil

It was brought to Parliament that Civil Identity Registry officers were not being paid for five fortnights, and was raised for answers by Member for Bogia, Robert Naguri.

“In my district and I believe it’s also affected in in every civil identity registry office in the country and in the headquarters in Port Moresby. These offices haven’t being paid for five fortnights. I’d like to ask Minister for Internal Security to come out very clear and inform the Parliament and those poor officers what is the problem? why haven’t they been paid?

Daigul Hospital awaits Phase 2 works

Naguri had to talk to the people about the project because it had stopped and landowners were questioning why authorities have not explained this to them.

On behalf of the donor, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the contractor, the Bogia MP said the contractor’s term of work had come to an end. R&Sons had secured the Phase 1 contract among many who bid for it.

MP Naguri said another company will commence work for Phase 2 early next year when donors are ready.

Naguri also told the people that they must look after the project and not disturb the flow of work.

MP disgusted with rogue youths

Naguri said although the current conflict erupted from a small incident that led to the killing of a young man from Sepa by Mambuan youths, conflict between these two communities has roots going way back.

And though suspects were put in custody at Beon Prison after four people were brutally killed on both sides, the situation is far from calm.  

Police from Madang who were on site when the first killing occurred – and conflict erupted – are back in Bogia with the Provincial Police Commander.

Progress in Manam resettlement: MP

Member for Bogia, Robert Naguri, told this newsroom that progress has been made towards the permanent resettlement of the people of Manam with initial disbursement of funds into the Manam Resettlement Authority account.

Bogia MP to stand trial on funds

Magistrate Mekeo Gauli made the ruling this morning after he found that there was sufficient evidence against the member.

He was charged in March this year in Port Moresby and is facing allegations of official corruption, abuse of office and misappropriation.

He will be expected to appear for listing at the Waigani National Court on February 8, 2016.

The committal court found that there was evidence of the member having been involved in official corruption, abuse of office and misappropriation between August 22 and Oct 3 of 2013.