Manam Resettlement

Manam resettlement concept virtualized

It has been a painstaking process for the Manam Resettlement Authority (MaRA) as they have been under financial constraints.

Currently MaRA’s goal is to resettle the Manam Islanders by 2026 in their proposed site of Andarum. Their development focus work areas cover three Districts and Five LLGs and four main work locations (care centers and host villages, Manam & Boisa, Andarum resettlement site and Daigul state land portions).

Progress in Manam resettlement: MP

Member for Bogia, Robert Naguri, told this newsroom that progress has been made towards the permanent resettlement of the people of Manam with initial disbursement of funds into the Manam Resettlement Authority account.

Manam resettlement Bill delayed again

The displaced people of Manam Island for 12 years have been living on mainland Madang in care centres in Bogia.

The Bill when passed by Parliament will help establish Manam Resettlement Authority to permanently resettle the displaced people.  

In a voice of support, two Madang Open Members supported their Governor Jim Kas’ call for the withdrawal of the Bill in its second reading.

Kas was unhappy because the amended Bill has not been debated in the provincial assembly.

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Manam Resettlement Bill expected in parliament

Madang Governor Jim Kas is expected to table a bill for the creation of the Manam Resettlement Authority.

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Manam Resettlement Bill expected in parliament

The bill was to be tabled in parliament in July however Madang leaders were asked by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to have the bill refined and then presented when Parliament sits on October 27th.

More than 10, 000 Manam islanders continue to live in care centres on three plantations in Bogia.

They have been waiting for resettlement for 11 years.

The proposed Manam Resettlement Authority functions as stated in the bill are to:

•Identify and acquire land for resettlement of displaced persons, including negotiating with landowners in Anduram: