Robert Naguri

Awar plantation receives machinery

Member for Bogia Robert Naguri delivered the trucks and machinery on behalf of the Government for the resumption of the old Awar copra and cocoa Plantation recently.

The equipment included a tractor, a three-ton truck, a Toyota Landcruiser utility, one portable sawmill, four chainsaws, a power generator, one compressor, four motorbikes and one Toyota Hilux twin cab.

These trucks and machinery will be used for clean-up work and get the plantation ready for nursery of the coconut and cocoa seeds in preparation of planting.

Plantation to boost local economy

This was announced recently by Member for Bogia Robert Naguri when delivery trucks and machinery to help with the start of operations.

According to Neguri, funding of K1m is being allocated to start the nursery of cocoa and coconut and pay for fuel for the machinery and hire of labour. The next K1m is set aside for operational expenses that will be released in February.

A final K2m payment will be released by the Government after the full acquittal of the first K3m is provided with the report on the plantation’s resumption.

NID project needs K40mil

It was brought to Parliament that Civil Identity Registry officers were not being paid for five fortnights, and was raised for answers by Member for Bogia, Robert Naguri.

“In my district and I believe it’s also affected in in every civil identity registry office in the country and in the headquarters in Port Moresby. These offices haven’t being paid for five fortnights. I’d like to ask Minister for Internal Security to come out very clear and inform the Parliament and those poor officers what is the problem? why haven’t they been paid?

MP disgusted with rogue youths

Naguri said although the current conflict erupted from a small incident that led to the killing of a young man from Sepa by Mambuan youths, conflict between these two communities has roots going way back.

And though suspects were put in custody at Beon Prison after four people were brutally killed on both sides, the situation is far from calm.  

Police from Madang who were on site when the first killing occurred – and conflict erupted – are back in Bogia with the Provincial Police Commander.

Progress in Manam resettlement: MP

Member for Bogia, Robert Naguri, told this newsroom that progress has been made towards the permanent resettlement of the people of Manam with initial disbursement of funds into the Manam Resettlement Authority account.

Finance urged to audit Manam funds

Naguri said millions were allocated but people have yet see a toea of the funding.

The MP, in Parliament on June 25th, pleaded with Finance Minister, Charles Abel, to instigate an audit and table a report.

“These monies have been parked in Madang Provincial Treasury and have been squandered, stolen, misappropriated and misapplied by Madang Provincial Administration,” he alleged.

Finance Minister Abel said he will look into the issue.

Petitions’ pre-trial Centralised in Waigani

Justice Collin Makail explained this week in court that the petitions will be heard in provinces where judges are based, when it goes to the trial stage.

For now, all directions hearing and pre-trials are being centralised in Waigani.

He made these comments when the petition filed against Bogia MP, Robert Naguri, went for directions.

Naguri was not present in court for directions nor was his lawyer when petitioner, Darius Kombe’s lawyer, asked the court to have the next directions hearing done in Wewak, where he is based.