MP disgusted with rogue youths

Member for Bogia, Robert Naguri, is disgusted over the actions of rogue youths from Mambuan and Sepa villages who have allegedly killed innocent people within the last two weeks.

Naguri said although the current conflict erupted from a small incident that led to the killing of a young man from Sepa by Mambuan youths, conflict between these two communities has roots going way back.

And though suspects were put in custody at Beon Prison after four people were brutally killed on both sides, the situation is far from calm.  

Police from Madang who were on site when the first killing occurred – and conflict erupted – are back in Bogia with the Provincial Police Commander.

Several attempts have been made in bringing the leaders from the two communities together to sign peace agreements but Naguri said the leaders were hesitant because of the conditions that were attached to the agreement.

The local MP stated that although properties of the government in the administration in Bogia are intact, services are currently interrupted, including movement of local teachers to their designated schools.

Frieda Kana