NID project needs K40mil

The delay of payment for Civil Registry officers and slow processing of National Identification (NID) cards were queried in the recent Parliament Sitting.

It was brought to Parliament that Civil Identity Registry officers were not being paid for five fortnights, and was raised for answers by Member for Bogia, Robert Naguri.

“In my district and I believe it’s also affected in in every civil identity registry office in the country and in the headquarters in Port Moresby. These offices haven’t being paid for five fortnights. I’d like to ask Minister for Internal Security to come out very clear and inform the Parliament and those poor officers what is the problem? why haven’t they been paid?

“Registrations have been made, all data sent to the data facility in Waigani, we are not receiving birth certificates and NID cards. Is the office running out of consumables? Do they have funds to continue?

“There is a long printing queue all around PNG, they are waiting for their birth certificates and NID cards, we are all struggling to get our people registered before 2027, but due to issues like this we are slowing down the entire process and it’s going to affect us,” said Naguri.

When responding, Minister for Internal Security, Peter Tsiamalili Jnr had this to say.

“Currently, civil registry under the determination of 2002 is under Internal Security, which sits as a project. As we all know as a project you get funded a certain amount under a PIP project. Since 2019. Overtime we tried to fix it, put back all process in place but the project itself was kept with a budget of K10 million, we couldn’t move with that K10million in terms of trying to cover the whole of PNG in this whole exercise,” said Tsiamalili Jnr.

He said one of the initiatives was to drop a partnership with all Ministers and Members of Parliament. 

“It’s come to a point where we have been asking and putting our submissions to the government, however NEC decision of K10 million stayed. This only covers the salaries for those staff within the organization, it doesn’t cover the operational expenditure, these operational expenditures are covered by the MoUs from other Ministries,” he continued.

Minister Tsiamalili said they are aiming to make the Civil Registry and NID become a department on its own. The bill has just been cleared by CLRC, and he is hopeful he can bring it up hopefully at the earliest of next year.

“We are running civil registry with K10m and a K40m output to properly run operations throughout the country, we need a minimum of K40million. The Treasurer and the Prime Minister had given me the assurance that we will cater for all of this in 2024, so we don’t have this shortfall,” he said.

“So had reassured all NID staff that we did get some funding, so we will try to remove that by the end of the year during at Christmas.”

Loop Author