Kenu and Kundu Festival

Kenu and Kundu Festival set for this weekend

According to the National Kenu and Kundu Festival Chairman, Harold Tabua, a good committee has been put together to take on the challenge of delivering the 14th festival.

Tabua said since taking on the chairmanship role in February this year, his committee is heavily relying on funds from local business houses and national companies for sponsorship towards the 14th NKKF.

Financial backing has been received from Pick and Pay, Boss Meri, Great Jadi, Alotau Enterprise and national companies like Trukai, Ela Motors, Lae Biscuits and ANZ Bank and State Owned Enterprises.

Candle light service to complement World Aids Day

This memorial candle light service will be held on Monday, November 30, at the Kenu and Kundu festival ground from 6pm to 9pm.

Provincial technical officer Mega Tari says that this memorial service will be like an evening fellowship and therefore, she is asking all residents of Alotau to partake and remember those individuals and families who had lost their lives and those who are still living with the disease.

She said this is a lead up to the World AIDs Day on December 1.

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Word going out about value of mangroves

The Climate Change office and the waste management section of the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) will be conducting a cleanup among the mangroves of Tuna Bay at Taurama outside Port Moresby.

New Ireland to participate in Kenu and Kundu festival in 2016

New Ireland to participate in Kenu and Kundu festival in 2016

Minister for State Enterprises and Kavieng MP Ben Micah told the people of Milne Bay of this on Friday at the opening of the festival.

He said although it is not part of their culture, New Irelanders will be participating to maintain the standard of tourism industry in the country.

Micah said it is about  time PNG breaks through all the barriers that are “holding us back’’ and work together to boost the industry.

He was accompanied by government ministers on Air Niugini’s test flight from Brisbane to Alotau’s airport at Gurney.

PM promotes tourism with Milne Bay as a hub

O'Neill when giving his speech said the government has and will be focusing on tourism to boost the economy of this country.

"The government has and will be creating more avenues for the tourism industry in the country and Milne Bay is one of the hubs that will deliver this industry," he said.

O'Neill added that the first test flight today by Air Niugini from Brisbane to Gurney is just the beginning of many flights to come.

He said the government will do its best and help the people through its service delivery. The festival will end on Nov 8.

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Milne Bay prepares for festival

The people of Milne Bay Province have been preparing for the Kenu and Kundu festival which will begin tomorrow and end on Sunday.

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O’Neill to officially open Kenu and Kundu festival

Preparations have already been made for the event and the Prime Minister’s visit.

Chairman of the Kenu and Kundu festival Henry Benoma says it is a great honour for the people of Milne Bay for giving the Prime Minister the  task to officially open the event.

“We have already let every corner of the province from the highest mountain to the islands know about the Prime Minister’s visit and they are excited about his trip,” he said.

Milne Bay prepares for festival

Kenu and Kundu festival chairman Henry Benoma told Loop PNG today in Milne Bay that the province had been looking forward to hosting this event and to showing  the culture of Milne Bay people.

He said the National Government had not made a mistake to host this festival which is the traditional part of the Milne Bay people.

Benoma said the province had a greater vision of promoting the culture and traditions of its people to the outside world in terms of tourism and such an event is one of those strategies.