​Couple on a mission

However, a couple is on a mission to restore and regenerate their once lush mangrove coastlines.

Ulato Avei and husband William Kwara recently opened Koke Hanua bar and conference area at their home in Boera, Central Province, after successfully obtaining a loan from the National Development Bank.

“Koke is the name of the area and Hanua means villa in our language, so it’s translated to Koke Villa,” says Ulato.

One very visible sight customers will appreciate is the lush mangrove overlooking the sea.

Sri Lanka prime minister: Mangroves curb climate threat

His comments come on a day marking the first anniversary of a project to protect all of nation's mangroves.

As well as storing carbon, the forests provide habitat for fish and protect communities from tsunamis and cyclones.

Also on Tuesday - World Mangrove Day - Sri Lanka's president will open the world's first mangrove museum.

The museum will act as a hub for conservation training for adults, and educating children about the value of mangroves. It is estimated that 20,000 pupils will visit the museum in the first year.

Mangrove rehabilitation planned for Taurama

Rehabilitation will be carried out by the Coastal Fisheries Development Agency (CFDA) following a cleanup campaign and assessment.

The cleanup campaign was done on the weekend by locals living in the area, PNG Defence Force soldiers and officers from CFDA.

The program was initiated by CFDA in partnership with the Office of Climate Change and Development (OCCD), NCDC Waste management, University of PNG and Nambawan Super.

Taurama locals clean up mangroves at Tuna Bay

Close to 100 people were involved in the first ever National Capital District Mangrove Cleanup Campaign Program today (Saturday 7 November).

The program was initiated by CFDA in partnership with the Office of Climate Change and Development (OCCD), NCDC Waste Management, University of PNG and Nambawan Super.

The participants picked up plastic bags and any non-biodegradable materials in the 5 hectares of mangrove environment.

The aim of  the campaign program is to inform the local communities about the bio diversity of the mangrove habitat environment.

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Word going out about value of mangroves

The Climate Change office and the waste management section of the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) will be conducting a cleanup among the mangroves of Tuna Bay at Taurama outside Port Moresby.

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Word going out about value of mangroves

During clean up, awareness will be carried out within the community about the benefits of mangroves to the coastal system.

Officers  of NCDC Waste Management will also carry out awareness on waste and how to manage waste in communities.