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Inspectors respond to food complaint, warn shop

The inspectors were responding to a complaint posted on a Facebook group, where it was alleged that the shop was serving fried garlic flour balls that contained rat droppings.

It was also alleged that the shop owner refused to refund the complainant – something which the shop manager, Kili Lin, denied.

Health Inspector Mathew Laba said they did a thorough investigation and made recommendation to the shop owner to improve the conditions identified as unhygienic and safe haven for rats and other insects.

Big Rooster: We don’t import the chicken!

This assurance comes in time of widespread public fear following a warning issued on illegal poultry products in the country.

Authorities raised concerns after discovering some of such uncooked, frozen poultry products in a Port Moresby shop last Monday.

This has caused fear among residents, especially, in eating out at fast foods and restaurant.

But Big Rooster assures its customers there is nothing to fear.

Big Rooster has vision for expansion

Did you know that there’s a Big Rooster outlet at the Steamships Plaza in Downtown Port Moresby?

These two outlets follow the acquisition of another fastfood chain, Chicken Delight.

And guess what? There’s more to come, according to a spokesperson from Big Rooster.

Anurag Borkar said Big Rooster aims to be the kitchen of the country and is currently on an expansion spree.

How Pariva inspired PNG’s newest fast food restaurant

For those who don’t, it’s the local dish made from three ingredients – sago, ripe banana and coconut cream.

Food plays a big part in the life of a chef, so for Chef Louis Efi, it was this very simple dish.

Firstly, Pariva landed him his dream job – to be a private chef, which he was, for at least four years with the American Embassy.

He was competing in a cook-off with six other local experienced head chefs for the position.

Report finds chemicals in one-third of fast food packaging

But it turns out that the packaging your food comes in could also have a negative impact on your health, according to a report published Wednesday in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters.

The report found fluorinated chemicals in one-third of the fast food packaging researchers tested.

These chemicals are favored for their grease-repellent properties.

Fast foods must comply - Polye

Polye said he understood authorities had enforcement units within their departments but funding was a major hurdle.

And he has blamed the government for undermining their work by way of cuts in funds.

He said this when commenting on a media report, quoting fast-food shops breaching Food and Sanitation Act.

Polye said tougher penalties must be imposed on those caught.

He was appalled by the manner in which fast-food bars prepare food and the condition of kitchen facilities.

Polye described this as ‘inhuman and lacking corporate obligation.’