Big Rooster: We don’t import the chicken!

Fast food chain Big Rooster is assuring customers that it uses locally grown chicken.

This assurance comes in time of widespread public fear following a warning issued on illegal poultry products in the country.

Authorities raised concerns after discovering some of such uncooked, frozen poultry products in a Port Moresby shop last Monday.

This has caused fear among residents, especially, in eating out at fast foods and restaurant.

But Big Rooster assures its customers there is nothing to fear.

“We don’t import the chicken. Our vendors for chicken supply are in PNG so they know the market, and they know the quality. So if the concerns are for birds that are imported, our customers absolutely have nothing to fear because we don’t do that,” said a spokesperson.

Big Rooster has been in the country for the last 29 years. This year is its 30th year.

The fast food chain has 20 outlets throughout the country to date and has plans on opening more.

Gloria Bauai