NAQIA prohibits chicken imports from Australia and Asia

NAQIA Managing Director Joel Alu clarified that it was biosecurity risk to do. Alu added that importers can only import from New Zealand.

Alu said the Circular number 01-2023 serves as a Government directive to the general public and importers to refrain from the importation of Fresh, Frozen and chilled chicken.

He clarified that the Poultry Industry Association has raised concerns to the Government through the Minister of Agriculture for biosecurity risk associated with fresh, frozen and chilled chicken and chicken products import from Australia and Asia.

Yekimbole-Uripmo Road Sealing

Richard Maru said they would like the Department of Works to complete the work by the end of September, 2021.

Mr Maru said this allows them to progress with the official opening of the Sepik Chicken, Grain and Cocoa Innovation Project in October this year.

The MP said he visited the farm recently, and reports that it is on track to deliver its first chicken meat to the market, in the second week of June.

He also said finishing touches to the ‘Haus Kill’ and hatchery are progressing well.

Mr Maru expect it to the completed by the end of July.

Big Rooster: We don’t import the chicken!

This assurance comes in time of widespread public fear following a warning issued on illegal poultry products in the country.

Authorities raised concerns after discovering some of such uncooked, frozen poultry products in a Port Moresby shop last Monday.

This has caused fear among residents, especially, in eating out at fast foods and restaurant.

But Big Rooster assures its customers there is nothing to fear.

Push to rear more day-old chicks in B’ville

In a first of its kind in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, the Kerei Integrated Poultry Project in Central Bougainville has successfully hatched its first batch of 960 day-old chickens.