NAQIA prohibits chicken imports from Australia and Asia

The National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority has issued a directive to prohibit the importation of Fresh, Frozen and Chilled chicken and chicken products from Australia and Asia.

NAQIA Managing Director Joel Alu clarified that it was biosecurity risk to do. Alu added that importers can only import from New Zealand.

Alu said the Circular number 01-2023 serves as a Government directive to the general public and importers to refrain from the importation of Fresh, Frozen and chilled chicken.

He clarified that the Poultry Industry Association has raised concerns to the Government through the Minister of Agriculture for biosecurity risk associated with fresh, frozen and chilled chicken and chicken products import from Australia and Asia.

Mr Alu said as of January 6, 2023, all import permits have been ceased from all countries except New Zealand.

He added that the ban will be posed for an indefinite period.

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