Fast foods must comply - Polye

Non-compliance of the country’s laws by fast-food bars is due to poor law enforcement by authorities, Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye says.

Polye said he understood authorities had enforcement units within their departments but funding was a major hurdle.

And he has blamed the government for undermining their work by way of cuts in funds.

He said this when commenting on a media report, quoting fast-food shops breaching Food and Sanitation Act.

Polye said tougher penalties must be imposed on those caught.

He was appalled by the manner in which fast-food bars prepare food and the condition of kitchen facilities.

Polye described this as ‘inhuman and lacking corporate obligation.’  

“Most of our people have silently suffered from food poisoning and some have even complained but their grievances have been taken lightly.

“Now that the issue has surfaced in the public domain, I am urging Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his ministers responsible to beef up regulatory and monitoring capacities within the authorities,” he said.

He commended the chief health surveyor for making people aware of such activities in Port Moresby and other centers.

“When the Opposition is in government, we will take a hard-nosed approach on this issue.

“We will ensure this rogue behavior by individuals and businesses will be a thing of the past when we move to improve the country’s statistics on law and order index,” Polye said.

He called for more awareness on the existence of such laws and others, and establish a complaints desk (if they do not have one yet) for the public.   

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