PNG food

Uncle Tony’s inspiration

Anthony is commonly known as “Uncle Tony” and appears on a local television cook show, Haus Cook.

However, he is not a professional chef.

Tony’s decision came after his experience on an American tour boat as a part-time cook and tour guide.

He says he never cooked unless they were on an island with restaurants.

Rebirth of Haus Cook

It’s the rebirth of Haus Cook.

And this time, producer Aileen Asi has stepped it up PNG style.

The half hour weekly program is aimed at showcasing PNG’s dynamic food diversity.

This includes featuring various restaurants, chefs – and their favourite recipes, traditional dishes and also quick and easy budget meals that can be prepared at home.

How Pariva inspired PNG’s newest fast food restaurant

For those who don’t, it’s the local dish made from three ingredients – sago, ripe banana and coconut cream.

Food plays a big part in the life of a chef, so for Chef Louis Efi, it was this very simple dish.

Firstly, Pariva landed him his dream job – to be a private chef, which he was, for at least four years with the American Embassy.

He was competing in a cook-off with six other local experienced head chefs for the position.