Inspectors respond to food complaint, warn shop

The inspectors were responding to a complaint posted on a Facebook group, where it was alleged that the shop was serving fried garlic flour balls that contained rat droppings.

It was also alleged that the shop owner refused to refund the complainant – something which the shop manager, Kili Lin, denied.

Health Inspector Mathew Laba said they did a thorough investigation and made recommendation to the shop owner to improve the conditions identified as unhygienic and safe haven for rats and other insects.

Youths clash with opportunists at Gordon's

What started off as an argument between a youth and a taxi driver spiraled into a full-blown standoff as opportunists with weapons started chasing commuters and vendors.  

“It looked like a tribal fight,” Philip Counsel, who was on the scene at that time, told this newsroom.

“I saw men with weapons such as bush knives rushing towards the crowd, chasing the innocent members of the public.

“Mothers who were selling food, children, young women and men ran for their lives.”

PMV buses grounded over driver’s death

The number keeps on growing by the minute as PMV bus operators and crew are currently on strike due to the alleged death of a PMV driver at the hands of police.

The bus crew told Loop PNG that their colleague was allegedly beaten up by police on Tuesday over a traffic infringement. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries yesterday afternoon.

“When buses do not follow their routes, or drive over pavements, are the police supposed to beat us up?

“Did the police commissioner authorise this kind of behaviour?” asked the aggrieved group.

Gordon market becomes a fighting zone

The area had been deserted as fighting erupted between youths residing around the vicinity of the area against mostly Highlands’ vendors.

Police are currently trying to bring back peace between the stone and bottling throwing disputing parties.

More updates to come……