PMV buses grounded over driver’s death

Port Moresby residents who rely on public transportation have to look for other ways to reach their destination, as more than 30 buses have been grounded at the Unagi Oval, Gordon, this morning.

The number keeps on growing by the minute as PMV bus operators and crew are currently on strike due to the alleged death of a PMV driver at the hands of police.

The bus crew told Loop PNG that their colleague was allegedly beaten up by police on Tuesday over a traffic infringement. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries yesterday afternoon.

“When buses do not follow their routes, or drive over pavements, are the police supposed to beat us up?

“Did the police commissioner authorise this kind of behaviour?” asked the aggrieved group.

They say they are tired of suffering at the hands of law enforcers.

“This is the second or third time this year that a colleague has died at the hands of police,” they claim.

“There will be no bus service until the police commissioner gives us a favourable response.”

Meanwhile, NCD metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi is assuring the PMV operators that the homicide unit and Crime Investigation Department are on the case.

“There is no reason to carry on the protest,” says Turi.

“Leave the issue to us.”

Details into the driver’s death are still sketchy at the moment.

Carmella Gware