PMV buses strike

Double blow for Pom residents

The planned water disruption to Moresby North-west, which was supposed to end as of yesterday (Dec 14), 6pm, has continued into day 2.

EDA RANU has explained that due to complications beyond their control, there has been a delay in restoring services.

“We hope to have normalcy returned by 10am this morning,” the water supplier said on their Facebook page.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and request for your cooperation and support.”

PMV buses grounded over driver’s death

The number keeps on growing by the minute as PMV bus operators and crew are currently on strike due to the alleged death of a PMV driver at the hands of police.

The bus crew told Loop PNG that their colleague was allegedly beaten up by police on Tuesday over a traffic infringement. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries yesterday afternoon.

“When buses do not follow their routes, or drive over pavements, are the police supposed to beat us up?

“Did the police commissioner authorise this kind of behaviour?” asked the aggrieved group.

Bus drivers meet at Unagi

Several leaders have spoken to the group to get them to come to a consensus with issues that they face operating at Gordon market.

Now the NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi is addressing the crowd and telling them to come out with a petition.

He says that the police will help facilitate for the appropriate authorities from NCD to the transport authorities to deal with operational issues that they have.

For now, there are no buses on the road as operators are meeting to come up with a petition. 

Residents and workers hit the road… on foot

The PMV bus service is dominated by Western Highlanders, and their decision is affecting city residents.

The choice by Western Highlanders to pull their service off the road yesterday stemmed from a fight against a certain group from Hela Province.

During the confrontation, some buses had there windscreens smashed.

Police have yet to confirm the cause of the fight.

PMV buses convoy around city

Acting NCD metropolitan police commander Brian Kombe told Loop PNG that he has dispatched vehicles to round up the buses and address their grievances at the Unagi Oval.

For now, buses are lining up along the Manu bus stop as well as the Manu roundabout.

Boroko is a sight of people walking while the main Murray Barracks and Three-Mile road area is clogged up with traffic. This is because all the buses have gathered at the Murray Barracks roundabout.

For now residents are advised to exercise caution while on the road as the situation is quite tense.