NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi

Turi appeals for help

Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi issued an appeal yesterday after NCDC health inspectors toured the station.

The appeal came about when Turi was asked if there will be surveillance cameras in the holding cell building.

Turi said there is a need for that but unfortunately, they have limited funds.

He added that it is imperative for surveillance in the holding cells. This is so the daily movement of suspects, as well as police officers, can be monitored.

Residents warn of rising lawlessness in NCD

Most of them have been taking it straight to social media platforms to tell the public about their ordeals and the threats and attempted holdups whilst moving about the city.

Below is a resident’s post about what took place yesterday whilst she was making her way home.

“Still shocked from the attempted hold up 3 hours ago. God, I could have killed some men on the new Baruni dump road after they attempted to stop the vehicle.

“About six men jumped onto the road, ran towards the car, throwing stones at us.

PMV buses grounded over driver’s death

The number keeps on growing by the minute as PMV bus operators and crew are currently on strike due to the alleged death of a PMV driver at the hands of police.

The bus crew told Loop PNG that their colleague was allegedly beaten up by police on Tuesday over a traffic infringement. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries yesterday afternoon.

“When buses do not follow their routes, or drive over pavements, are the police supposed to beat us up?

“Did the police commissioner authorise this kind of behaviour?” asked the aggrieved group.

Turi: Stop the harassment!

National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, called on youths from settlements to stop harassing people and let the public enjoy the Christmas period.   

“Let’s enjoy the Christmas period and don’t come and harass others, the women and children should come and enjoy the lights and entertainment.”

Turi also called on the media to play their part by educating the youths from settlements, through awareness on the media platforms, to stop harassing people.

What drivers can expect when being pulled over

Assistant Commissioner of Traffic, Jerry Frank, says there is a clear demarcation between civilian road safety officers and traffic police.

Frank made this statement when reiterating calls made by the NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi that no officers, whether with Motor Vehicles Insurance Limited (MVIL) or police, are regulated under any traffic act to remove licences.

He says if the offenders have committed an offense then they should be dealt with under the law rather than have their licences taken.

Licences should not be removed at roadblocks: Turi

The NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi clarified this when speaking about the issue of drivers who have had their licences taken away when checked at roadblocks around the city.

Turi tells Loop PNG that as per directives from the higher police command, policemen are only supposed to be carrying out vehicle and spot checks for suspicious and wanted persons.

He explains that this is part of a city-wide operation set in place as part of the lead-up exercises in anticipation of the FIFA Under 20 Women’s World Cup.

Report those noisy neighbours!

A good number of Korobosea residents in Port Moresby raised their concern regarding the loud, drunk and disorderly behaviour of those living near them.

“The houses here are only a few metres apart so it doesn’t matter if only one unit is enjoying itself and playing loud music. Everyone in the neighbourhood will hear it, even those who are two streets away,” resident Aileen Yorainey told Loop PNG.

“It is frustrating, especially when you wake up tired the next day. Your performance will be affected because you did not get a good night’s rest.”

Met Sup Turi lays down the law

This was the main emphasis of Turi’s address to each of the station commanders that he has been visiting and holding parades with over the  past two weeks.

On Tuesday, January 19, Turi told officers at the Gordons Police station that they needed to shape up of ship out.

He challenged each of the men and women present that police work was a vocation and a calling to make a difference in the lives of people they serve.

NCD police to begin pre-Christmas operations

 NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says that orders have been drafted and handed to all his commanding officers.

The operations will consists of the usual foot beat patrols as well as the usual road checks and random car stops by patrol units.

Port Moresby residents are asked to cooperate with police while the operations run through to the main festive season and to the new year operations.

Turi also warned people to take heed of the operations  and to co-operate with the police and ensure that the pre-festive season is a peaceful one.


NCD police to re-enter HB

NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says that the police had not gone into the area since the shooting incident in the village and thanked the elders for allowing them to re-enter.

He says that this will help them deal with the issue of car jackers who have been driving stolen vehicles into the village and using it as an escape route knowing that the cops will not follow them in.

Turi says that he has instructed all his police station commanders that the village is now okay for patrols to go into.