Youths clash with opportunists at Gordon's

The Gordon bus stop in Port Moresby was a scene of chaos this morning as people fled for their lives.

What started off as an argument between a youth and a taxi driver spiraled into a full-blown standoff as opportunists with weapons started chasing commuters and vendors.  

“It looked like a tribal fight,” Philip Counsel, who was on the scene at that time, told this newsroom.

“I saw men with weapons such as bush knives rushing towards the crowd, chasing the innocent members of the public.

“Mothers who were selling food, children, young women and men ran for their lives.”

Youths from the suburb, especially near Ten Trading, then retaliated by throwing cement rods, bottles, stones and other objects they could find at the attackers.

The incident, which started around 8.30, lasted for over 20 minutes.

Fortunately, police stepped in to control the situation by firing warning shots into the air, stated Counsel.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, confirmed the incident saying it was the work of opportunists.

A few vehicles were damaged during the clash while members of the public suffered minor injuries.

(The Gordon bus stop after this morning’s incident)

Carmella Gware