Bus stop

Police welcome new NCD bus stop arrangement

Minister Kramer made this known when he accompanied acting Police Commissioner David Manning, acting Deputy Commissioner Operations Donald Yamasombi and the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou to the launching of the Urban PMV Trial Routes at the Unagi Oval on Wednesday.

Following the change of the Gordon’s bus stop location from Gordon market to Unagi Oval, a more organised bus stop arrangement has now been put in place.

The new Urban PMV Trial Routes are divided into five zones as follows;

Youths clash with opportunists at Gordon's

What started off as an argument between a youth and a taxi driver spiraled into a full-blown standoff as opportunists with weapons started chasing commuters and vendors.  

“It looked like a tribal fight,” Philip Counsel, who was on the scene at that time, told this newsroom.

“I saw men with weapons such as bush knives rushing towards the crowd, chasing the innocent members of the public.

“Mothers who were selling food, children, young women and men ran for their lives.”

Betelnut buyers need PMV stop in Madang

These betelnut buyers are now piling their bulk purchases anywhere along the main Modilon road as they wait to catch any Route 100 bus destined for the Highlands.

Those that get their supply at Four-Mile market along Madang-Ramu Highway just pile up their stock near the market and fetch any PMV bus to go and fetch them to travel up to the highlands.

There used to be a designated PMV stop for highlands travellers at LBC near Wagol, however, an ethnic clash towards the end of last year had chased out the betel nut buyers away from there.

Pakistan blast leave several dead at Multan bus station

Officials say the explosion happened when a motorcycle hit a motorised rickshaw at the busy bus stop, causing a large fire.

Police believe one of the vehicles was carrying explosives but forensic teams are still investigating.

Ball bearings were recovered from the site of the explosion.

Local media quoted officials as saying that a bomb was fitted to the motorcycle, but one police official said that a bomb was remotely detonated.

No group has said it carried out an attack.