East Sepik Governor Allan Bird

Projected GDP A Milestone

“This is compared to K81 billion in 2020 and K93 billion in 2021, a K3.1 billion increase against the budget of K90 billion,” says Chair of the Plans and Estimates Parliamentary Committee and Governor for East Sepik, Allan Bird.

“The expected GDP growth is 5.4 per cent against the world average growth of 6.3 per cent projected for emerging economies around the world. Our economy is classified as emerging economy.”

Bird said the 5.4 per cent projected growth is conservative when compared to what the world is predicting.

Rights of families to claim loss

The question was raised before parliament on yesterday.

“What rights do the family have to claim from the health system and the State for the unfortunate and terrible loss of this young life plus the other six who were all affected on the same day by the use of this substandard medication,” asked Governor Bird.

Prime Minister James Marape could not answer the question saying he is yet to receive the report on what had transpired on the 12th of August.

Sub-standard procurement system questioned

The PM admitted, “As I speak today, nogat wanpla report mipla kisim. Mipla askim Health Minister through POMGEN long displa ol incidents so mipla ken establishim if disla marasin em cause blong disla ol incidents.”

He was responding to a series of questions raised by East Sepik Governor Allan Bird on the use of sub-standard medication that enters the country through our sub-standard procurement system.

Bird Lauds PM's Appeal

Governor Bird, a guest of the Prime Minister together with Oro Governor, Gary Juffa attended the virtual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders Informal Retreat during which PM Marape spoke on behalf of all small South Pacific countries.

Governor Bird said the Prime Minister came out forceful and it was good to see him speaking as he did.

Public servants advised against interfering

East Sepik Governor Allan Bird issued the call over the weekend after hearing that some members of the police mobile squad deployed to his Province, had been tasked to pick up West Sepik Governor Anthony Wouwou in his village, in Nuku District.

“Policemen you must do what your job requires of you, and do not engage yourselves with the politics that’s currently taking place.”

ESP Governor applauds Numu

Bird applauded Eastern Highlands Governor, Peter Numu, for showing exceptional maturity.

“For the last 18 months, I usually talk about the struggles that we face in the provinces,” stated Bird.

“We have three levels of government that are constitutionally anchored and within those structures, we are supposed to run our country.”

However, Governor Bird and other members of the Opposition, including Numu, said these structures are not respected.

Sepik eyes large-scale rice production

This follows an MoU Agricultural Cooperation signing between the two countries on Friday (November 16th) at the PAU rice demo farm.

The MoU paves way for the two countries to move forward in commercial rice production, with technical assistance to come from the Philippines.

Governor Bird said the interest of rice farming and production in his province is quite extensive and wants to capture that opportunity and to develop it jointly with the Filipinos.

High telco rates queried

Governor Bird said this makes PNG a country with the third most expensive telecommunication rates in the world, and sought an explanation from the minister responsible for State Owned Enterprise.

The East Sepik Governor asked the Minister for State Owned Enterprises what the business rationale was between the merging of Telikom PNG and bmobile, labeling the sudden increase in telco rates as legalised thieving.

“Is it legal to raise additional revenue for the government so that it would fund some of the loans that it is taking out?

LLG Election dates uncertain

Responding to questions raised by the East Sepik Governor Allan Bird, Prime Minister Peter O’Neil said he should provide an answer next week.

East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird raised a serious of questions in parliament on Friday concerning the Local Level Government elections scheduled for this year.

While the Government has confirmed that the LLG elections will take place this year, only tentative dates have been set.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neil said the dates will be finalised as soon as they get the final clarity from the office of the Attorney General.

K7m for Wewak road unaccounted for

This was revealed by Works Minister, Michael Nali, in Parliament today.

He said this when questioned by East Sepik Governor Allan Bird where the funding was and when it could be released.

Governor Bird said the K10 million was approved on November 13th last year and a cheque given to the Works Department.

He said the next day, two contactors had arrived in Wewak to begin work but they stopped, believing it was contrary to finance management act.