Public servants advised against interfering

Public servants have been told not to interfere with current political activities as the two factions in parliament try to make the numbers towards a looming Vote of No Confidence.

East Sepik Governor Allan Bird issued the call over the weekend after hearing that some members of the police mobile squad deployed to his Province, had been tasked to pick up West Sepik Governor Anthony Wouwou in his village, in Nuku District.

“Policemen you must do what your job requires of you, and do not engage yourselves with the politics that’s currently taking place.”

Amateur footage supplied to this newsroom showed police officers in Governor Wouwou’s Koki Village in Nuku on Sunday 5th May, but it has not been determined what their reason was for being there.

On Monday, Commissioner for Police Gari Baki issued a statement urging national leaders to respect the constitutional responsibility of the Police and not solicit support of its members in the lead up to the anticipated Vote of No Confidence.

Commissioner Baki asked that all leaders respect the neutrality of the Police and not engage members of the force for their political agenda.

Governor Bird also called on other public servants, including department secretaries, to stop calling members of parliament to influence their decisions leading up to the possible Vote of No Confidence.

“Public servants stop taking sides and focus on serving the people. What are you trying to protect and who?”

Meantime, Commissioner Baki has directed for over 1,000 police personnel to be deployed within the streets of Port Moresby to ensure peace and order is maintained.

(East Sepik Governor Allan Bird filepic)


Salome Vincent