LLG Elections

Funding issues hinder electoral roll update: Gamato

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said this, in turn, resulted in a good number of voters being turned away at polling places, thus denying their democratic right to actively participate in the election process to elect their LLG assembly representatives.

“While we (PNGEC) accept blame as the election management body of PNG, I equally would hold the national government responsible for not providing the necessary funds to enable the Commission to update the roll in 2018,” Gamato said in a statement.

Directives issued to Electoral Commission

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato delivered this to provincial election bosses at the Electoral Commission’s 3rd National Workshop in Port Moresby.

It has been established that the elections for the Local Level Governments will take place next April.

Among the directives, is that the 2018 LLG election budget of K100 million be revoked and a new budget be set.

The decision from the NEC to reinstate funding for LLG elections is so the budget for 2018 will be removed and according to the decision, K150 million be budgeted for the LLG elections.

LLG Election dates uncertain

Responding to questions raised by the East Sepik Governor Allan Bird, Prime Minister Peter O’Neil said he should provide an answer next week.

East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird raised a serious of questions in parliament on Friday concerning the Local Level Government elections scheduled for this year.

While the Government has confirmed that the LLG elections will take place this year, only tentative dates have been set.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neil said the dates will be finalised as soon as they get the final clarity from the office of the Attorney General.

Consultation before LLG Elections

Isifu said this when asked by Enga Governor, Peter Ipatas, in Parliament on Wednesday.

Ipatas said there is still confusion as to what method of election will be used for the LLG election and whether the Council Presidents are voted in by the people or the council members.

Governor Ipatas told Minister Isifu there was still confusion surrounding the LLG election method and wanted clarification given that the LLG elections were months away.

Reminder for eligible voters in Morobe

Morobe Province Election Manager, Simon Soheke, early last month had hoped to receive the working roll from the PNG Electoral Commission headquarters to send to wards to update names of eligible voters, but that has not happened.

He said they are using the 2017 National General Election roll to update the roll for the LLG elections.

The delay will affect their plans but Soheke says work must go on.

PNG EC ready for LLG elections

Recently the PNG EC announced the development of strategies and plans to ensure this activity is carried out efficiently.

The LLG Elections whilst to be held on a lower scale will be held at the same locations and community as the recently held national general elections.

One other notable difference will the absence of materials like candidate posters which will not be used while the Ballot papers will also have less security features.

Anticipated dates for the elections will be July 2018 with the PNG EC considering starting counting immediately after polling.

Rigo gets one new LLG

Returning Officer for Rigo District Virgil Waisa said the district established a fourth LLG last year due to the large land mass and increasing population.

Rigo District has a total area of   5,072 km2 and a total population of 56,509 from the 2011 National Census.

The current three districts are Rigo Central Rural, Rigo Coastal Rural and Rigo Inland Rural.

Rigo Inland has been split into two LLGs called Rigo North and Rigo East.

Waisa said with the establishment of the new LLG, basic services and development projects can be delivered faster.   

Government wants LLG elections to be held separately

This is so that many of the Ward and Council Presidents can serve their full five year terms.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said this in Parliament today when questioned by Central Governor, Kila Haoda, over several election matters.

One of the issues was the Ward and LLG Elections and whether it would be held concurrently with the National Elections and or separately.

“Mr Speaker it is important that we separate the two elections so that people can have a focus on the National Elections in 2017.”

Court orders Electoral Commissioner to make decision on ‘failed 2013’ LLG elections

The election of Presidents and Ward members of the Local Level Governments in 2013 were declared ‘failed elections’ by the Electoral Commission on August 15, 2013.

It was declared failed elections in a blanket decision on grounds of widespread corruption and illegal practices at polling and counting venues, 15 days before the date fixed for the Return of Writs of Aug 30, 2013.

A National Gazette notice was issued on Oct 7, 2013 however it did not specify which wards were subject to that decision.