Propofol Injection IP 10mg/mL vial (1% W/V)

Sub-standard procurement system questioned

The PM admitted, “As I speak today, nogat wanpla report mipla kisim. Mipla askim Health Minister through POMGEN long displa ol incidents so mipla ken establishim if disla marasin em cause blong disla ol incidents.”

He was responding to a series of questions raised by East Sepik Governor Allan Bird on the use of sub-standard medication that enters the country through our sub-standard procurement system.

Indian Anaesthetic Drug Questioned Over Deaths

The  Propofol Injection, which had fatal effects on the lives of seven patients on 12th of August during surgery at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

This newsroom understands from these seven patients, four of them died including late 14-year old Rex Wanzing.

According to a circular from Dr. Osborn Liko, the anaesthetic drug in question was manufactured in India.

Product Name: “Propofol Injection IP 10mg/mL vial (1% W/V)

Manufacture: Cooper Phama Limited, India