Manhunt launched for criminals

Manning's commitment comes in response to the recent release of hostages from Walagu village who were held captive for over five days until a ransom of K2,000 and five pigs was paid by the villagers.

The hostages, all females, were successfully released on Saturday afternoon and have since returned to their village. Eleven of the victims have been flown to Moro for medical checks and are receiving ongoing support from security forces to aid in their recovery. A medical team from St. Johns has also been dispatched via helicopter to assist in the medical examinations.

Two more criminals killed

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel told this newsroom that the criminals broke into BNBM Hardware store, RMI, Commodore Bay and many others along the main road.

He added that the provincial administration is meeting with the Provincial Police Commander today and will issue directives for the next cause of action.

Meantime, the Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Peter Baki has asked all business houses, schools and markets to close their doors today.

Suspects surrender to ENB police

The 14 youths from Kopi, at the Nukumal Plantation in the Laup Ward surrendered at 5pm in the heavy downpour.

Sinivit LLG President, Boniface Gerep, commended the 14 youths for surrendering, and thanked their elders for cooperating.

He further advised that the Sinivit LLG will today assist the women and children who were left homeless after their houses were burnt down over the weekend.

“Assistance is on humanitarian grounds,” he stated.

Malaysian man victim of public shooting

It was reported that five armed men attempted to stop the vehicle but the expatriate, believed to be the manager of the Imperial Restaurant, was determined to get away.

The shooting took place at around 8am today as the man, believed to be in his late 40s, was leaving the Imperial Restaurant inside the Fortune Club.

An eyewitness who resides next to the Fortune Club told TVWan news that the criminals were armed with factory made guns and had been waiting outside the gate as the Malaysian drove out.

Lae police boss warns criminals

The Lae Metropolitan Police Commander Anthony Wagambie  issued the warning to all criminals that police in Lae are now stepping up operations.

He says that this step up in operations is to counter the high number of stolen motor vehicles and armed robberies within the city area.

Wagambie says that all police units in Lae have been on high alert for such troubles and will deal with anyone carrying out or attempting to commit armed robberies.