Harvey Weinstein: Court agrees $17m payout for accusers

Weinstein, 68, was convicted last year and jailed for 23 years for rape and sexual assault.

The payout for his victims will come from the liquidation of the Weinstein Co, which filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

The judge overruled an objection from some accusers looking to pursue appeals outside of bankruptcy court.

Judge Mary Walrath said without the settlement, the plaintiffs would get "minimal, if any, recovery."

The Weinstein Co was set up as an independent film studio with the disgraced Hollywood mogul one of its co-founders.

Families 'cheated of Boeing crash compensation'

Lawyers told the BBC that many families were persuaded to sign forms preventing them from taking legal action.

BBC Panorama has discovered that other relatives signed similar agreements after two other crashes, stopping them from suing Boeing in the US courts.

Boeing has declined to comment on the agreements.

All 189 passengers and crew died when the Boeing 737 Max crashed into the sea just 13 minutes after taking off from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, on 29 October 2018.

Within weeks, relatives were offered compensation by insurance lawyers.

Tahiti court throws out ten nuclear claims

The ruling is in line with last month's expert advice, which took into account a law change that reintroduced a minimum figure of radiation exposure.

Earlier this year, the expert advice was to compensate the claimants.

The law change was inserted into the Finance Act in December reportedly to comply with the Public Health Act.

The veterans groups have been dismayed at the law change, saying now no more applications are likely to succeed.

Over K680m land claims with Dept: Minister

Minister responsible, Justin Tkatchenko, expressed disgust at the amount of falsified documents that the Lands team was able to dig out.

Minister Tkatchenko said the 373 land compensation files are from the highlands region.

“That’s Simbu Province, Southern Highlands, Eastern Highlands, Hela, Jiwaka, Western Highlands and Enga, that have been claiming for land compensation valued at K688 million. Now this is just absolutely absurd,” he said.

Girua airport LOs demand compo

The landowners are demanding the National Government to pay K15 million in outstanding land compensation or they will shut the airport permanently.

Spokesperson Barthimias Kaipa said for so long, their land compensation requests have been falling on deaf ears since 2006, when they lodged their claim.

He said their claims had been processed by government agencies and were paid to illegitimate landowners.

They have presented their petition to Girua Airport manager Eki Wally on behalf of Minister for Civil Aviation Alfred Manasseh last Friday.

VIDEO: Tribe pays compensation for sorcery related killing

The Clansmen of Yano Tarali Tribe paid 51 Thousand Kina in cash, 70 Pigs, 2 Cows, 2 Cassowaries and 2 Goats for the death of two young women.


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Higaturu refuses to entertain K50m compo

Popondetta General Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr Gunzee Gawin told Loop PNG however,  that the company responded saying they will look at individual victims and assist them.

He said the company refused to entertain the petition but will still compensate the victims and the deceased in their own way.

The relatives of the deceased had  given a seven days ultimatum to the company to respond to their petition.

The deadline lapsed last Friday.

They are demanding K50 million as compensation from the Higaturu Oil Palm.

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 Intending candidates flock to submit biodata

Intending candidates for the 2017 National Elections have been flocking to the Electoral Commission headquarters in Port Moresby to submit their biodata, with the deadline today.


K70,000 cash, 13 truck loads of food for Oro road accident victims

Government urges to regulate compensation claims

This time, John Moksy, a hirecar owner, from Elti Pidambe tribe of Baisu in Western Highlands Province, said he had become a victim of compensation demand of K500, 000 and 200,000 pigs.

While honouring the demand with K70,000 cash and seven pigs yesterday last Thursday at Waigani in Port Moresby, Moksy said while damages done to his bus in the accident had cost him dearly, additional burden by way of compensation demands by the relatives of the deceased was unfair and unnecessary.

Bus drivers demand payment for damages

The National Capital District must look at the removal of certain ethnic groups at Gordon as well, they said.

Acting NCD Superintendent operations Brian Kombe told Loop PNG that they managed to come to a consensus this afternoon and get the buses back on the road.

Kombe said a meeting will be held tomorrow between the PMV drivers, NCD officials and police officers. A petition will be given by the drivers as well.