Treasurer says good news for budget repair

“The hard work of the Marape-Rosso Government continues to see our budget books look healthier and we have our 13 year budget repair plan which gives our country a path to a fixed budget and no more debt.

“Once again the government has delivered a healthier budget bottom line, we have a lower budget deficit then expected when this house passed the 2022 budget and the 2022 supplementary budget. This means; less build of debt, increase confidence in our economy and more funds available for the private sector,” stated Stuckey.  

Parliamentary debates hindered

“Because em greatly affectim the ability of members to be present here on the floor to debate, harim discussions, participate in decision making process, vote on legislations, many other issues lo parliamentary business…”

Deputy Speaker Koni Iguan says the Office of the Speaker and Clerk of Parliament will look into the issue.

Review of gov’t system ends on a high note

This follows the successful conclusion of the final inquiry with the heads of government agencies and NCD Governor, Powes Parkop and Member for Moresby Northwest Lohia Boe Samuel recently in Port Moresby.

“This officially brings to close nearly three months of very intense consultation right around the country, beginning on the 6th of March and we are satisfied with the outcome so far,” CLRC Chairman, Saki Soloma said.

Marape commits to serve PNG

Prime Minister James Marape says his Government will do its “utmost best” for the people of Papua New Guinea.
He said this on Sunday, August 14, 2022 as he went through the process of selecting ministers and laying the groundwork for the next five years.
“On August 30, 2022, when Parliament resumes, the Governor-General will be addressing MPs,” PM Marape said.

Clerk receives 105 writs

Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika who administered the swearing in of the MPs, urged the MPs to use their mandate responsibly and serve the people of Papua New Guinea.

"The declaration that you're about to make and sign is a solemn promise to the people of Papua New Guinea,” he said.

"But it's not only to the people of PNG, but to the entire world at large and to God Almighty.

"God Almighty is our unseen visitor in our midst in this house.

"The Constitution says all making power of the people of Papua New Guinea is now going to be vested in you all.

Gov’t committed in reviving old plantations

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, John Simon made these remarks during a meeting with Wahgi Mek shareholders and Jiwaka Governor, Dr William Tongamp, in Banz on Friday Feb 4, 2022.

He said it is in the best interest of Jiwaka and Papua New Guinea that the rundown Wahgi Mek Plantations are revived.

Wahgi Mek Ltd is jointly owned by South Wahgi LLG, North Wahgi LLG and Hunter Richard Hagon. It was once the single biggest coffee exporter in the country until it ceased operations due to landowner disputes.

Shadow Treasurer warns Government

Lelang when responding to the 2022 Money Plan delivered last week, said the 2022 Budget  cannot be implemented because it is based on unrealistic and overly ambitious macroeconomic assumptions.

“Further, it has kept a substantial amount of funding within Waigani.

“This questions the transparency and the integrity of the 2022 Budget. Moreover, critical sectors like the economy, law and order and education and health are given lower priority compared to Administration and Miscellaneous.”

Gov’t to continue to support Health sector

Treasurer, Ian Ling-Stuckey when delivering the 2022 National Budget last Thursday, also highlighted that the Government will continue to support public health including environmental health, good Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) practices and the promotion of nutrition initiatives and the Healthy Island Concept or Smart Community Concept.


He said health is a key determinant of economic growth and is essential to the country’s development agenda.


Solomons govt to conduct test lockdown of national capital

In a statement on Friday the government said the lockdown was necessary given the surge of the deadly COVID-19 delta variant globally.

It said this was especially important as the country prepares for a limited re-opening of incoming flights which have been suspended for weeks because of worsening delta outbreaks in neighbouring countries.

It said Cabinet has approved the trial of the revised Lock-down plan for the Honiara Emergency Zone through a 36-hour lockdown from 6pm on Sunday 29th August to 6am Tuesday 31 August 2021.

PNGNRLC Upholds Measures

The global pandemic affected PNG’s sporting fraternity, with stringent COVID-19 protocols taking a toll on sports facilities and competitions in the country.

The PNG National Rugby League Competition had to stop its affiliated clubs from running its competitions.

PNGNRLC Chairman, Adrian Chow said they were collaborating with the Government in doing their bit in supporting COVID-19 key messages and creating awareness in venues and competitions.