Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari

Lupari calls for unity among education staff

Lupari made this call after meeting with the Department of Education’s senior management as well as the inter-departmental steering committee on the Tuition Fee Free Policy recently.

Lupari said education is one of the top priorities of the Government and it has to be held at the highest level.

When addressing the senior management and the members of the steering committee on TFF, Lupari stressed the importance of making sure that quality education opportunity is accessed by children in the rural settings as well.

Lupari confident in spinoff opportunities

Lupari was speaking after he was briefed recently by National Fisheries Authority Managing Director, John Kasu, on the progress of the implementation of the rebates scheme adopted this year.

The scheme was introduced by the government after a study found that most tuna caught in PNG waters were sent offshore and not processed in PNG-based factories.

As a result, jobs and millions of dollars in export earnings were lost to those countries that processed PNG’s tuna, notably the Philippines and Thailand.

VIDEO: Don’t be compromised: IRC

He made the statement during another visit to the Internal Revenue Commission on Friday.

Lupari reiterated his message to the young staffers, that the IRC was the most important organisation in PNG and its effectiveness in collecting revenue will realise the country's development aspirations.


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VIDEO: Review of Procurement update

This audit is to  address  the  shortages  of  pharmaceutical drugs & other medical  supplies  experienced  by our health facilities  throughout  the country. 
Lupari  said that a Senior  Officer  from Department  of Finance  has been seconded to National  Department   of Health  and  he is currently  working  with the Accounts staff  to   independently    verify   and   vet   claims    specifically    relating    to   the procurement   & distribution   of pharmaceutical   drugs  & other  medical  supplies.  


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Lupari needs to reprimand Kali: Association

The PNG Health Support Workers Association (PNGHSWA) has asked Lupari to investigate Kali and get a response as to why there has been a prolonged delay on their log of claims. These include their housing allowance, pay increase, leave entitlements and other industrial matters.   

A directive was given to DPM by the acting chairlady to respond to the log of claim through the office.

They had given DPM ample time to respond to their grievances however, to date, DPM has not given a positive response.

Public servants challenged to change

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari urged public servants at the dedication service in Port Moresby on Tuesday to change their attitude and conduct.

Lupari said 2017 should begin with a change to be more effective, accountable and responsible and take ownership of many of the issues faced today.

“It means that we must get rid of our bad habits and practices as we simply can’t continue that path that we have traveled in the past. 

“The people of PNG depend on us in making sure that we implement policies and programs,” he said.

Department to host public servants’ dedication service

The public servants’ prayer dedication day will be held on Friday, January 6, at the Sione Kami Memorial Church in Port Moresby.

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari with all department heads will attend the ceremony to open the new public service year.

The event will start at 9am with the National Anthem and Pledge, led by the Correctional Service band.

A recital of public service Oath will be made with an address by Lupari before the dedication prayer.

New NCC Board appointed

The Board will be chaired by Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and comprises of eight members from a range of fields.

The eight ex-officio members are Lupari, anthropologist and lecturer at the University of Goroka Dr Bill Francis Sagir, acting director of the National Museum and Arts Gallery Senea Greh and Education Secretary Uke Kombra.

The non-ex-officio members are Wesley John Hantan from the Melanesian Tourist Services in Madang, Dr John Bu from the private sector in Jiwaka and organiser of the Goroka Show Keryn Hargreaves.

Lupari tells public servants to change their attitudes

When addressing the staff of the Department of Health on Friday, October 14, Lupari said one of the major problems in the public service is the attitude towards work.

“There is a don’t-care attitude and no sense of responsibility amongst the public servants at all levels.

“This is affecting service delivery to our people and implementation of Government’s policies such as health, education, law and order, infrastructure and empowerment of our people,” said Lupari.

He said public servants must not blame the Government.

PNGNA appeals to Govt to give concrete answers regarding claims

Members of the PNGNA call for a positive outcome in implementing the nurse’s industrial award following the Government’s budget management committee meeting this Wednesday, September 14.

A nurse’s industrial award was signed with the Government in December, 2015 regarding their wages and other benefits which was supposed to be effected in January but to date, they are yet to be paid.