PNGNA appeals to Govt to give concrete answers regarding claims

The Papua New Guinea Nurses Association (PNGNA) has appealed to the Government to give concrete answers regarding their outstanding claims.

Members of the PNGNA call for a positive outcome in implementing the nurse’s industrial award following the Government’s budget management committee meeting this Wednesday, September 14.

A nurse’s industrial award was signed with the Government in December, 2015 regarding their wages and other benefits which was supposed to be effected in January but to date, they are yet to be paid.

PNGNA acting vice president Fredrick Kebai said the Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and Health Secretary Pascoe Kase must come out clear on how they’ll be implementing the nurse’s industrial award.

Kebai said, “As a union we have been very loyal to the Government because that award was signed last year and it’s now nine months and the Government has not honored it by way of implementing it.

“This award is not an overnight agreement but it has not been implemented for nine months now.

“The Government is frustrating us and forcing us to take this stop work action which we don’t want to do this as this will affect patients but the Government must be serious in addressing this issue.”

Kebai said in that manner, they’ll accept it and stop the 5,000 PNGNA members from going on a planned nationwide stop work.

Nawik confirmed that the planned stop work on Wednesday still stands but will be delayed awaiting the response from the Chief Secretary.

Picture by Loop photographer Kennedy Bani

Quintina Naime