Lupari tells public servants to change their attitudes

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari has called on the public servants to ‘change their attitudes’.

When addressing the staff of the Department of Health on Friday, October 14, Lupari said one of the major problems in the public service is the attitude towards work.

“There is a don’t-care attitude and no sense of responsibility amongst the public servants at all levels.

“This is affecting service delivery to our people and implementation of Government’s policies such as health, education, law and order, infrastructure and empowerment of our people,” said Lupari.

He said public servants must not blame the Government.

“This Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, is the most progressive Government since independence,” stated Lupari.

“We have political and policy stability.

“We should not complain about money. The Government is providing money every year in the budget for free education, free health service, hospitals, colleges and universities, infrastructure development and empowerment of our people through SME, DSIP and PSIP.”

More can be achieved with all these investments if public servants can change their attitudes and take responsibilities, Lupari stated.

“Today's public service is too big, and everyone is working in isolation from each other. There is no coordination and communication; everyone is territorial and have don’t-care attitudes.

“We must change our attitude if we want to move this country forward and create a better future for our children.”

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