Lupari calls for unity among education staff

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari has urged senior education department management to work together to deliver quality education services to children across the country.

Lupari made this call after meeting with the Department of Education’s senior management as well as the inter-departmental steering committee on the Tuition Fee Free Policy recently.

Lupari said education is one of the top priorities of the Government and it has to be held at the highest level.

When addressing the senior management and the members of the steering committee on TFF, Lupari stressed the importance of making sure that quality education opportunity is accessed by children in the rural settings as well.

He urged them to put their differences aside, get together and review the program.

Lupari also called on the inter-departmental steering committee on TFF (ISCTFF) to work together and look at issues raised by citizens on the adverse effects of TFF.

He said the TFF Policy is not an excuse to make parents neglect their responsibilities towards their children in ensuring that children take their studies seriously.

The Chief Secretary urged the ISCTFF members and the senior management of the Department to work together to address this TFF issue.

Lupari will be calling a meeting in two weeks’ time for the Heads of Departments and plans to urge them to support the work of the ISCTFF to not only monitor the implementation of the TFF but also other education programs and projects, including the Christian Education and Ethics Curriculum that may be completed at the end of this year.

The Education Department is the largest employer in the public service with 800 staff and 58,000 teachers in 13,000 schools around the country.


Freddy Mou