Simon queries missing cattle

Member for Maprik, John Simon, asked Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Tommy Tomscoll in Parliament on Thursday of the whereabouts of a thousand cattle heads that were supposed to go to Wewak.

He said the previous Government had purchased just over 4,000 cattle heads from Markham in Morobe Province, which were supposed to be sent to several province, including East Sepik.

“Can the minister tell us where those cattle are?” asked Simon.

Solomons embracing cattle farming again

Last weekend, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock began distributing animals from the Tenavatu Breeding Station to six selected farmers from Guadalcanal.

The process will continue next year during which farmers from other provinces will be given animals to raise.

In 2011, the government imported around 400 head of cattle from Vanuatu, at a cost of $US150 thousand dollars and they have been kept at the Tenavatu Farm in Central Guadalcanal while selected farms have been rehabilitated.