Second shipment of cattle arrives

The second shipment of cattle from Lae, Morobe Province was well received at Keapara in Central Province today.

According to Managing Director for Livestock Development Corporation Ltd, Terry Koim, the cattle have been travelling on the ship for five days. 

"The second shipment was able to make it past the Milne Bay waters and to arrive in Central Province this afternoon. We loaded 164 in Lae including the ones from Sialum and on the way to Port Moresby one of the cows gave birth so we currently have 165 cattle,” stated Koim. 

The cattle arrived from Sialum and Erap Local Level Governments. From here, the cattle will be taken to the Launakalana Estate about 20 minutes’ drive away from Keapara. 

"Launakalana owns about 4000 hectares of land", he added. 

Koim stated that there is about 130 cattle currently taken care of at Launakalana. This will add the total of cattle to roughly 300 cattle for breeding and distributing to Central Province farmers. 

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