Simon queries missing cattle

The Government has been asked about the whereabouts of some 4,000 heads of cattle to be divided and sent to provinces to boost their livestock industry.

Member for Maprik, John Simon, asked Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Tommy Tomscoll in Parliament on Thursday of the whereabouts of a thousand cattle heads that were supposed to go to Wewak.

He said the previous Government had purchased just over 4,000 cattle heads from Markham in Morobe Province, which were supposed to be sent to several province, including East Sepik.

“Can the minister tell us where those cattle are?” asked Simon.

Minister Tomscoll said around 2,000 cattle heads were parked under the Papua Bulumakau Ltd, a cattle ranch in Sogeri outside Port Moresby.

Currently there is a legal dispute between a company shareholder and the State regarding the company.

As for the rest of the cattle, Tomscoll said they are supposed to have been distributed.

“The others were kept back in Morobe in Markham, they were distributed through another company and this company distributed to local people and as far as I know, these cattle are for distribution to farmers, and so they were distributed. And  if there is any particular issue that specifically has to be raised and attended too, please if you know it bring it to my attention,” he said.




Cedric Patjole