Basamuk Refinery

Integrity check clears Basamuk

This is according to an inspection done recently by Aus-ROV Pty Ltd, an independent consultant from Australia.  The DSTP pipeline placement integrity check is carried out annually as a regulatory requirement.

The two consultants from the Aus-ROV Pty Ltd were engaged to carry out the integrity check on the DSTP pipeline placement with using the Seabotix ROV (remote Operating Vehicle).

Ramu NiCo records high production in final quarter

High production was achieved despite numerous challenges, including financial, technical, and managerial and the April 12, 2016 incident at Basamuk Refinery, affecting the achievement of planned design capacity annual target and production capacity for 2016.

President of Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd, Gao Yongxue, announced this last Tuesday (January 24), during the Company 2017 Annual Work Conference.

Local woman breaks barrier at mine

Suma, in her late 30s, is from Rai Coast, Madang, and Finschhafen, Morobe. She joined the company as its corporate health, safety and environment assurance manager at Basamuk Refinery.

In 1998, Suma graduated as a nurse from the Lae School of Nursing. She worked as a nurse for three years with Papindo Family Drug Pharmacy in Lae, then with Dr Suebu’s Clinic in Port Moresby. From there she moved to POM Medical Services then to the Port Moresby General Hospital.

An interesting encounter happened in September of 2000, which Suma reckons was a special call from the Lord.

Locals challenged to produce vegies to supply mine

Ramu NiCo Community Affairs supervisor at the Kurumbari Mine, Jacky Xu’ai issued the challenge recently.

He said Chinese love to have vegetables every time in their meals, therefore, local farmers must produce in abundance and sell to the catering company that is serving the mine and the refinery.

“Chinese people love greens and fruits every time in their meals so farmers must produce more and sell to the NCS-Raibus catering company that’s providing meals for the workers,” Xu’ai said.

Authority gives Ramu NiCo regular operation approval

The permission was given last Thursday (July 21) following the conditional permit since the commissioning of the Project.

The Inspectorate also issued orders for the restart and operation of HPAL (high pressure acid leach) train three at Basamuk Refinery and the relaxation of cessation order of blasting of limestone at the Basamuk limestone quarry.

The Mines Inspectorate initially ordered for the temporary shutdown of HPAL train three on April 15 following a fatality at Basamuk Refinery on April 12. However, the train will now operate in parallel with trains one and two.

Inspectors in Madang to investigate Basamuk incident

They arrived at Ramu NiCo’s Basamuk Refinery on April 14 to conduct a preliminary investigation into the April 12 case.

MRA deputy chief inspector of mine, Lave Michael, and inspectortor Andrew Onguglo arrived from Port Moresby and will work to establish the cause of the incident and advise the Company on future outcomes.

Ramu NiCo is cooperating fully with the inspectors.

Lab assistant inspired to do more

Therefore as part of this legacy, it continues to recruit locals from its impacted areas in Usino-Bundi and Rai Coast district in Madang Province to work and fulfill the employment requirements and the company’s human resource (HR) policies.

One of those fortunate local employees is 32-year old Woe Bagag from Buff village near Basamuk in Rai Coast district.

Bagag completed grade 12 through a Distance Education Mode in Madang in 2011. Unfortunately, he could not continue and returned home somewhat thinking that the future would be a bleak one.