Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd

Ramu NiCo records high production in final quarter

High production was achieved despite numerous challenges, including financial, technical, and managerial and the April 12, 2016 incident at Basamuk Refinery, affecting the achievement of planned design capacity annual target and production capacity for 2016.

President of Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd, Gao Yongxue, announced this last Tuesday (January 24), during the Company 2017 Annual Work Conference.

Ramu NiCo acknowledges employees, stakeholders

Zong Shaoxing said despite all the challenges, both within the Project and externally, the Company had committed itself to the highest call from both PNG and China and had been very optimistic throughout its commitment.

“Today, we approach the moment to reflect on our achievements and failures and strive towards the successful deliverance of the Project to all our stakeholders,” Zong said.

“We all endeavour to bring the Project’s operation to a successful production design capacity of 100 percent, hence, deliver tangible benefits to all our partners.

Over 50 people get eyes checked by Fred Hollows Foundation

A team from the Fred Hollows Foundation PNG, based at the Mondilon Hospital, conducted the specialist eye check at Ramu NiCo’s Madang Operation base through a partnership arrangement.

The aim of this partnership program is to ensure the employees of the Ramu NiCo project and its impacted area landowners at Kurumbukari, at Usino-Bundi, and Basamuk in Rai Coast district, have access to this free eye check service. 

Authority gives Ramu NiCo regular operation approval

The permission was given last Thursday (July 21) following the conditional permit since the commissioning of the Project.

The Inspectorate also issued orders for the restart and operation of HPAL (high pressure acid leach) train three at Basamuk Refinery and the relaxation of cessation order of blasting of limestone at the Basamuk limestone quarry.

The Mines Inspectorate initially ordered for the temporary shutdown of HPAL train three on April 15 following a fatality at Basamuk Refinery on April 12. However, the train will now operate in parallel with trains one and two.