Integrity check clears Basamuk

The Deep sea tailings system being used by the nickel/cobalt mine developer Ramu NiCoManagement (MCC) at its Basamuk Refinery in Madang Province is in good condition.

This is according to an inspection done recently by Aus-ROV Pty Ltd, an independent consultant from Australia.  The DSTP pipeline placement integrity check is carried out annually as a regulatory requirement.

The two consultants from the Aus-ROV Pty Ltd were engaged to carry out the integrity check on the DSTP pipeline placement with using the Seabotix ROV (remote Operating Vehicle).

They used the ROV to capture images along the entire pipeline from the shore of the Basamuk Refinery covering the tailings mixing tank to the outlet of the tailings at Basamuk bay in Rai Coast district.

The Aus-ROV operators are brothers, Alexandra and Adrian Jenkar assisted by MCC Corporate HSE officers, Moses Yaa, Steven Opur and Enny Marason.

Mr Yaa explained that the nature of the inspection was to check on the DSTP to see if there is any exterior fracture along the pipeline and to check on the displacement of the pipeline.

Furthermore, it was also to check on the relationship of the marine animals the DSTP pipeline and the marine ecology conditions around the pipeline area.

Divers from the Niugini Dive Adventures were engaged by the consultants to clear up the 20-meter sea-water intake screen including its underwater pipeline.

Mr Opur said he is privileged to be working alongside the two international consultants.

“Over the last five years working with the two brothers during the DSTP integrity checks provided a wonderful opportunity and a pathway to learn the importance of the ROV industry in this time of technological advancement,” he said.

He said the ROV brought him the understanding of the unreached environment settings to assist managing environmental impacts to meet the Government’s statutory requirements and continuous improvement in managing the DSTP facility and its operational life cycle. 

Freida Kana