Curfew recommended for Alotau

A special PEC meeting was held on Tuesday, January 29th, and the public will be advised of the outcome in due course.

The mayhem in Alotau is believed to have escalated after police set on fire a house belonging to the parents of one of the gang members, namely Michael Yauwi or better known as Mekere.

The house situated near the police barracks was torched after police believed the house was used by notorious Tommy Baker, Mekere and their gang.

Mother, son burnt to ashes in Alotau

The two bodies were found in the toilet compartment of unit six of the police duplex that was set on fire allegedly by Alotau’s notorious criminal gang leader Tommy Baker and his members. The son was found next to the toilet pot and the mother not far from him, all covered in ashes.

The sad discovery was made early the next morning when PNG Power and the Provincial Works Unit were called in to assess and assist clear the ruins of the burnt houses in the police barracks.

Police recount of Alotau situation

A 40-men team from the Police Air Tactical Unit flew into Alotau early Friday morning to maintain law and order.

Deputy Commissioner of Police and Chief of Operations, Jim Andrews, said they will be followed later by an investigative team of detectives and forensic officers from Port Moresby.

Milne Bay Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector George Bayagau said business houses have opened but have been told to be on high alert.

Public urged to assist in criminal’s recapture

Commissioner Baki confirmed that a mobile squad team is being deployed to Alotau to assist the local police with the recent string of violent sea piracy and robbery.

Baker, who was detained at Bomana CIS, escaped last year on October 3rd at the Port Moresby General Hospital while receiving medical treatment. Commissioner Baki said it would take a lot of time, effort and money to re-arrest Baker.

Alotau’s mixed netball comp ends on high

NSL are the grand final winners for 2018 Alotau Mixed Netball with Magisubu following behind.

In the main grand final clash, NSL beat Magisubu 22-14 while Charscorp beat Gala Mix 22-18.

The Alotau Netball Association hosts the Mixed Netball Competition as the association’s fund raiser, said Alotau Mixed Netball Competition tournament director, Vele Israel.

Israel said apart from this, the association also wants to promote mixed netball into the national mixed level.

She said the mixed competition began in 2012.

Police officers to be deployed to Alotau

The Commissioner said 10 were sent on Monday to assist local police prevent opportunists from taking advantage of the locals’ frustration.

Commissioner Baki also confirmed that the officer driving the vehicle, was a member of the Lae Police who travelled in two patrol boats in to Alotau for a pit stop, before heading out to Port Moresby.

He said while there, local police asked for assistance after reports came that a hard-core criminal, who escaped jail in Port Moresby, was in town.

Armed thugs rob ATM

Milne Bay Acting Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector George Baiyagau, said the robbers targeted the estate’s BSP ATM machine and made away with cash in the ATM.

Chief Inspector Baiyagau said the robbery took place at 3am.

He said the seven fully armed suspects used a chainsaw to cut through the estate’s wooden fence to gain access, then held up the security guards and proceeded to use the chainsaw to cut open a shop’s door.

They then used the chainsaw again to cut around the wall that was holding the BSP ATM, which was in the store.

Guards injured in armed Alotau holdup

An eyewitness who was stuck in the bank during the whole ordeal confirmed this with Loop PNG.

He said he saw everything from where he was standing in the bank.

During that time, he saw two suspects come out of a white 10-seater vehicle.

“The Alotau enterprises was trying to bank their money… I think they were trying to intercept that bank run,” said the eyewitness.

One armed man had a mask over his face and was holding a high-powered automatic weapon.

Police forcefully remove road block

Police had to use force and remove logs and drums from the road block.

It is understood that the road block was set up because of Government's reluctance to meet a compensation demand.

Waima village Chief Arthur Perua said their demand have not been met for three years now.

They demanded for K20 million after a police vehicle ran over an old woman in the village.

Perua, who is the deceased women’s brother said the government only paid them K20,000.


More updates to come.

Waima locals demand Government compensation

A road block has been set up at and vehicles coming in from Gurney airport and also from the town area have been blocked from travelling.

Waima village Chief Arthur Perua in an interview told Loop PNG that the government had not met their compensation demand of K20 million for his deceased sister.

The deceased, Claire Perua was killed instantly by a police vehicle on July 30, 2015.

"We have been waiting for the government to pay go the compensation demand for the past three years now.