No joint investigations of Alotau incident: Baki

Police Commissioner Gari Baki has confirmed that there will be no joint investigation into the Alotau incident which has left three people dead and about ten houses burnt to the ground.

He said police will carry out its own internal investigation into the reported actions of its officers in Alotau over the last few months.

Commissioner Baki said he is responsible for the management of the Constabulary and will ensure that policemen respect the rights of the public whilst carrying out their constitutionally mandated duties.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Justice and Attorney General Davis Steven has made it clear that the Public Solicitor has been tasked to attend to any grievances the public may have about police actions over the last two weeks in Alotau.

The Public Solicitor’s Office in Alotau is calling on the public to bring forward their grievances on human rights beaches and illegal activities of police or any other agency since the incident began.

He further went on to say that although he does not condone crime and support the police in the work of protecting citizens and bringing in offenders of the law, unlawful actions by policemen against innocent citizens and their legal rights cannot be ignored.

He said it is the constitutional role of the Public Solicitor to defend the public.

“The same laws protect us all. That is the rule of law that underpins our democracy,” Minister Steven said.

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