Curfew recommended for Alotau

A recommendation has been put forward by the Provincial Executive Council to impose a curfew in Alotau following the events that unfolded last week, resulting in three deaths and the burning of houses.

A special PEC meeting was held on Tuesday, January 29th, and the public will be advised of the outcome in due course.

The mayhem in Alotau is believed to have escalated after police set on fire a house belonging to the parents of one of the gang members, namely Michael Yauwi or better known as Mekere.

The house situated near the police barracks was torched after police believed the house was used by notorious Tommy Baker, Mekere and their gang.

Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector George Bayagau said Mekere is a common criminal and has been terrorising the community for too long.

“He lives just next to the barracks and nothing has been done to hand him in, either by his parents or the public,” Chief Inspector Bayagau stated.

He said the public should not blame the police, they must also carry this burden for harbouring criminals who continue to commit various serious crimes, including murder and armed robbery in Alotau.

Meanwhile, PPC Bayagau confirmed that five houses have already been allocated to his officers and their families at the Sanderson Bay transit units. The keys are already with them and they will move in anytime.

The identities of the mother and son who were burnt alive with the eight police houses were torched have been released.

The woman was Patrina Mala, in her early 30’s from Wailolo village, Belebele Council Ward, Goodenough Island within the Kiriwina Goodenough Electorate.

Her son was seven-year-old Zarca Kingston. Both were discovered by the PNG Power and the Provincial Works Unit inside the toilet compartment of unit six on the morning of Friday, January 25th.

PPC Bayagau also confirmed that police have arrested some of the gang members for previous crimes committed. Details of the arrests will be released shortly.

He said more than 50 police personnel have been deployed to the province boosting their number. More police personnel are expected to arrive to assist in apprehending Tommy Baker and his gang members who are now on the run since last week Wednesday, January 23rd.

Press Release