Police officers to be deployed to Alotau

Commissioner of Police Gari Baki said 10 more police personnel are on standby for deployment to Alotau, if the situation worsens.

The Commissioner said 10 were sent on Monday to assist local police prevent opportunists from taking advantage of the locals’ frustration.

Commissioner Baki also confirmed that the officer driving the vehicle, was a member of the Lae Police who travelled in two patrol boats in to Alotau for a pit stop, before heading out to Port Moresby.

He said while there, local police asked for assistance after reports came that a hard-core criminal, who escaped jail in Port Moresby, was in town.

Commissioner Baki said the unfortunate car incident was caused by one of the Lae officers who was driving a hired vehicle; but investigators have yet to establish if the car had a mechanical problem, or if it was negligence on the part of the officer.

Press Release