Chief Inspector George Bayagau

Milne Bay police remain positive

Chief Inspector George Bayagau remains positive following a number of meetings with the provincial law and order committee as well as additional manpower on ground.

Once known as a tourist hotspot, the beautiful province of Milne Bay attracted unwanted attention when armed robbery and public shootouts started making headlines.

Public solicitor to lead Alotau probe

Milne Bay Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector George Bayagau, said directions were given by the Attorney General following complaints made against his police officers involved in the incident. Chief Inspector Bayagau believes the independent investigator will be brought into the province soon.

Of interest to the Public Solicitor-led investigation is the conduct of policemen prior to, during and after the incident on 23rd January, Bayagau said.

Mother, son burnt to ashes in Alotau

The two bodies were found in the toilet compartment of unit six of the police duplex that was set on fire allegedly by Alotau’s notorious criminal gang leader Tommy Baker and his members. The son was found next to the toilet pot and the mother not far from him, all covered in ashes.

The sad discovery was made early the next morning when PNG Power and the Provincial Works Unit were called in to assess and assist clear the ruins of the burnt houses in the police barracks.

Police recount of Alotau situation

A 40-men team from the Police Air Tactical Unit flew into Alotau early Friday morning to maintain law and order.

Deputy Commissioner of Police and Chief of Operations, Jim Andrews, said they will be followed later by an investigative team of detectives and forensic officers from Port Moresby.

Milne Bay Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector George Bayagau said business houses have opened but have been told to be on high alert.

Milne Bay police boss on rise in crime

Major crimes like sea piracy and armed robbery have been on the rise since.

The infamous Tommy Baker escaped from the Giligili correctional holding cell in 2016 and since then, criminal elements believed to be part of his gang have been terrorising the quiet province of Milne Bay.

“Tommy Baker has connections both within and outside of the province, and he has been constantly doing these things and we know very well his activities cover Oro (Northern) and Morobe Province, and also in NCD and Central Province,” said acting provincial police commander, George Bayagau.

Alotau returns to normal: Police

The families of the victims demanded police arrest and charge the policemen involved.

In a statement, the Royal PNG Constabulary said: “A police officer is now under police custody. He will be formally arrested and charged after formal investigations are completed.

“The Police Investigation is continuing and a Criminal Investigation Division (CID) team from Port Moresby is in the province to deal with the case.”