Nasfund approves 4.5% interest to members

Nasfund Board Chairman, Charles Vee, announced this following the approval of the funds audited results at the find Board meeting on Wednesday March 10, 2021.

The results include a Net Profit of K222.9 million and a Net Asset Value of K5.57 billion for the year ending December 31, 2020.

In a statement Chairman Vee said the results were reflective of what has been the most challenging year for the Fund, particularly against a weakened economy and impacts brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Full moon and lunar eclipse delight skywatchers

Those gazing up at the skies on Friday, weather permitting, would have seen a penumbral lunar eclipse, which happens when the moon passes through the Earth's shadow.

The phenomenon, which began at 17:00 GMT in the UK and ended at around 21:00, saw the moon move into Earth's penumbra, or outer shadow, causing it to look darker than normal.

Ed Bloomer, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, said people in the UK would be able to see the display "nice and clearly".

Toktok hamas i go long ol NCD pipol

NCD Metsup, Perou N’Dranou, i mekim dispela toktok bihain long wanpela gutpela Niu Yia polis operesen i bin kamap.  

Bikpela lain pipel bilong siti i singautim Niupela Yia wantaim amamas na bikpela rispek long lo.


Vabukori runs curfew

The village, consisting of three areas, gathered residents to participate in the program.

The curfew aims to restrict drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Many young men and a few women are volunteering to run the curfews, which include roadblocks for vehicle checking.

The 8pm shift is run by children under 16 years of age while the midnight shift is for older people.

Deputy Chairman of the Vabukori Village Court, Michael Ikavape, said this is a first of its kind in the community and has so far brought peace during the festive period.

Tom Cruise drops Top Gun 2 trailer

Top Gun: Maverick sees him revisit brilliant but reckless pilot Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, still flying but unable to let go of his past.

The trailer shows Cruise apparently pulling off some incredible aerial moves on board a US Navy jetfighter.

"Everything you see in this film is for real," he told the San Diego audience.

"We're working with the Navy, all of the flying you see in this picture is real, I really wanted to give you all an experience of what it is to be inside that aircraft.

2020 SPTE to be held in Christchurch

The SPTE is the largest annual Business to Business tourism event organized by the South Pacific Organisation for the Pacific islands. It is a platform for sellers, which facilitates collaboration between tourism service providers, national tourism offices of SPTO member countries and international buyers including travel agents and tour operators from around the world.